Place. We all come from a place. It affects who we are. The same is true for any seasonal fruit, including coffee. From the earth in which the coffee grows to the mill at which it is processed to the transportation of the green, all of those affect what the bean is and can be. Our goal is to coax the best out of the bean. Thus, we roast for terroir, not for a light or dark roast character.


We personally taste and source coffees that are sustainably grown and processed. All our coffees are above the fair trade price. They represent the highest half a percent of quality coffee in the world.


We’re committed to relationships. We are partners in this coffee adventure. You and the success of your business success are important to us. We can meet the needs of your business through communication. We strive to serve not just your coffee needs, but also those of your café like barista training and equipment. Find out more on our Wholesale page.

The coffee story is amazing and extensive. It connects people through agriculture and craft over continents. Deep relationships exist before our hands touch the coffees and after. Out of reverence for those relationships, we love weaving together so much effort in the moments. Not just moments when we enjoy the coffee, but the daily moments we share as friends, associates, and purveyors of quality.