Familia Diaz Washed
Familia Diaz Washed
Familia Diaz Washed
Familia Diaz Washed

Familia Diaz Washed.


Tasting notes


Produced by the Diaz Family

La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador

100% Pacas Variety

Washed & Sundried

1500-1700 Meters Elevation


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This is our fifth year sourcing coffees from the Diaz Family. Our importing partners, Caravela, have been working with the Diaz’ and other producers in this area since 2012. They have managed to help these producers through a coffee rust infestation that swept Central America in 2014-18 and improve quality and consistency of their coffees at the same time. The Diaz’ family has been growing coffee in Chalatenango since the 1960s. They separate their coffee by variety and this lot is made up entirely of the pacas variety. Pacas naturally mutated in El Salvador from 2 old stock varieties and this variety tends to both showcase sugary sweetness and bright acidity. This lot is the best of the best from the Diaz’ 3 family farms. This coffee comes from the top scoring washed process lots they produced this season, and it has great depth. We get some bright fruit- cherry, apple- along with great sweetness and a slightly heavy caramelized sugar in the finish.

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