Rio Brilhante Tropicana
Rio Brilhante Tropicana
Rio Brilhante Tropicana
Rio Brilhante Tropicana

Rio Brilhante Tropicana.


Tasting notes


Fazenda Rio Brilhante

Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Yellow Catuai, Guara & Yellow Bourbon Varities

Dried in Cherry on Patios


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This coffee comes to us from the same folks- Los Volcanes- that process our Guatemalan coffees. The team from Los Volcanes has spent each summer in Brazil since 2018 running an enormous coffee mill to their standards and producing some really fun stuff. We have been purchasing coffee from them since 2019, and visited the farm in 2019 & 2023. Fruit dried coffee production is common in Brazil, but most of the coffees we have had in this style- due to variety & production style- don't necessarily express the same fruit quality that we find from other places. This coffee from Rio Brilhante is definitely an exception. Initially this lot was built entirely by tasting, but based on the past years’ work, they have pinpointed areas of the farm that produce coffee that fit this profile and they have gotten very precise at reproducing this vibrant lot year over year. We get tons of juicy grape & red fruits, tropical fruit, a slight tartness, a bit of fermentation flavor that is very pleasant, with a syrupy slightly nutty foundation that is quintessentially Brazilian.

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