San Lorenzo Amargo
San Lorenzo Amargo
San Lorenzo Amargo
San Lorenzo Amargo

San Lorenzo Amargo.


Tasting notes

Produced by Wicho & Luis Valdes
San Cristobal, Verapaz, Coban, Guatemala
Caturra, Catuai & Bourbon Varieties
Washed & Dried on Patios & in Greenhouses
1300-1550m Elevation

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This is our 8th year carrying coffees from San Lorenzo. The Valdes family has owned the farm since 1987. They own 2 farms in the area and process all of the coffee at the other farm, Santa Isabel. The Coban region is very wet year round- think cloud forest- so drying coffee to a stable moisture content presents a huge challenge. The Valdes’ are experts at balancing this, drying their coffee outdoors on patios when possible, and moving the coffee to beds in covered greenhouses when conditions are too wet. They are very intentional in separating coffees they process by variety, area of the farm, and when they are picked. Our partners at Los Volcanes go to even further lengths, building profiles on key taste characteristics. This is their "amargo" or bitter profile, which showcases flavors of caramelization even at a lighter roast. We get notes of citrus, some herbality, creme brulee, and a clean, jammy mouthfeel.

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