Tasting notes

San Lucas Toliman, Atitlan, Guatemala

Catuai, Typica, Catuai & Bourbon Varieties

Washed & Sundried on Patios

1600-1800 Meters Elevation


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This is our 6th year to carry coffee from this group of farmers near San Lucas Toliman on Lake Atitlan. Of all the Guatemala projects we are involved in, this is the closest to our core beliefs around building sustainable relationships and using our purchasing power toward creating better outcomes for small coffee producers. We have visited these producers three times- first in spring of 2018, then again in January & February of 2020. We have seen so much progress in the quality of the coffee they are producing and the excitement these producers have for producing specialty coffee is intoxicating. They have been implementing biodynamic farming techniques and using the compost products that many of our producers in Guatemala have been using to activate their soil and produce the highest quality coffee possible using organic inputs. The producers of the group have opened a small cafe and roastery in San Lucas Toliman- taking a several hours long tour of their land, then having a coffee roasted and served by the members was a truly special experience. Our partners at Los Volcanes have worked very closely with these producers to improve quality in growing and picking, as well as increasing the amount they are are paid by over 100%, getting them access to banking and financing, and ensuring that they receive profit vs. the cost of production of their coffees. The coffee grown and harvested here is taken as cherry to the La Esperanza washing station run by Los Volcanes where they wash and dry it to what we believe are the highest standards in the country.

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